I’ve finally finished recording the location data for the British dragonfly & damselfly collection. Just under 1000 specimens (976 to be exact) some of which could be rather fiddly!

odonata location

Final drawer of specimens below, with Platycnemis, Pyrrhosoma & Ischnura genera.

Last drawer of damselflies

I thought the specimen below of a Blue-tailed damselfly (Ischnura elegans) was particularly interesting. According to the collection label, it was found in January. Rather early for a damselfly to be emerging!

Ischnura elegans

The label also goes on to say the specimen was alive when it was collected, but died before colouring. It also states the water it was found near was subject to high temperatures, perhaps due to factories along the canal pumping warm water back into it causing the nymph to emerge too early before dying in the cold temperatures.

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