Earlier in the week, I attended a Workshop day for the Associateship of the Museums Association (AMA) at the Museums Association head office in London. The AMA is a professional development award recognised throughout the sector across the UK.

The day was delivered by Charlotte Holmes, the Museum Development Officer for the Museums Association, to give an idea of what the AMA is, how much it costs, how long it usually takes to complete aswell as other bits of information on the award itself like the phases & criteria involved. 

AMA at a glance

As well as myself, my fellow curatorial trainees Charlene, Glenn& Lukas attended along with other museum professionals from all over the country and across a range of different roles.

The AMA gives the opportunity for anyone working in the Museums sector to undertake professional development whilst gaining experience, managing a work based project and finally, a professional review to show that the criteria of the AMA has been met.

The AMA looks to be an excellent opportunity and the way it’s set out means that I’ll be able to see the development of my skills & knowledge over the course of my traineeship & beyond, and of course (hopefully!) end up with a recognised award at the end.

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